Wow, it's quiet on here!
I suppose I'm as guilty as everyone else - I'm still riding everyday but haven't had any adventures as such. I commute to Dover and back, some days it's been a bit frosty, others I've had torrential rain and high winds - but I still enjoy every trip!
I've put 28,000 miles on my '14 plate Tiger now and it still hasn't missed a beat. I'm on my 3rd chain and sprocket set and, I think, 4th set of tyres. I'm not sure the PCP company are going to be very happy with me - guess i'll have to pay it off and keep the bike when the agreement ends (May, I think).
I'm going to ride down to Dorset around Easter and camp at least one night, and I'm hoping to run up to Yorkshire late in the summer. I want to ride to Innsbruck, but I don't think the budget will stretch that far this year!
Anybody else got bike related plans this year?
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