Dodgers feedback
Is there anything we should be doing more/less of?
I cannot think of anything, so well done on that score.

How did you find us?
Via a search engine whilst looking for a local club

Have you seen one of the KSB Cars,Bikes, Business cards/Posters around the area?
No, never have.

Do you find the site easy to navigate?
I think the site is well laid out and easy to use.
The only minor things for me are,
1> The Logo is much too large and wastes screen space resulting in unnecessary hand movements with the mouse.

2> The little green arrow to view the latest post is much too small at 13 Pixels. I think I should be able to get onto it in 2 mouse movements from anywhere on my screen, but it usually takes 1 large movement and 2 or 3 minor ones.

My screen resolution is 1650 wide which means I could get 127 of the arrows side by side on my screen, and as it is a control button I think a 50th of my screen width is the least it should be.

I think the site is really good though overall, well laid out, well maintained, and full of great people.
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